Witch's Brew

Witch's Brew was an experimental piece in my Motech 2 class in my sophomore year quarter 2 under my professor Min Ho. Witch's Brew used hand-drawn imagery in combination with real photographs in order to create a piece on the production of tea. However, this was not going to be done in the usual fashion which is common for me. Instead of making a "normal" infographic on the production of tea, I created a world of creatures to inhabit the processes by which tea is made.

In the beginning, we follow a mad scientist mouse as he makes the tea seed begin to sprout, to which we see it break out of the ground. On its leaves rather than being small insects or other bugs, there are monsters and cities and pulsating crystals. We move to the top of the plant where a tentacle pops off the top leaf and we are quickly transferred to the drying process where we have the leaves being dried pan-fry style. The leaves are then thrown into a cauldron under the watchful eye of a black cat before we see the full moon and the tea canister itself with the presumed octopus enjoying a cup of tea. 

The music used is by Daniel Rossen with his song is titled "Up on High".

Below is actually the first set of style frames pre-hand drawn. I didn't like the overall feel of where it was going so I ended up redoing the entire piece.

Thus I ended up redrawing the entire piece and it gave it a more authentic feel. I used markers and inking pens to create the images on printer paper and then scanned them in. Afterward, I began to use Adobe Photoshop to cut out each individual piece in preparation for Adobe After Effects where the animation took place.

I have included here my process book for this assignment if you would like a deeper look into my process!